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Alice Bradley

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I write about health, wellness, creativity, and parenting.

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How I killed my art practice — then brought it back to life — Personal ...

For years I’ve told my writing students to value quantity over quality in their work: practice every day and don’t worry about the end result. When it came to painting, I forgot all about this. (For a while, anyway.)

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What Prince Taught Me | Personal Growth, Medium

It’s so easy to forget that each of us changes the world. Think you’re insignificant all you want, but you’re wrong. Your influence stretches far and wide. Your soul is imprinted on your friends and family. You affect every person you meet, smile at, bump into, give the finger to; you leave them changed and they continue that effect on to the next person.

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In Defense of Small Talk | Personal Growth, Medium

I like small talk. I don’t understand why it’s forever being maligned. “Make your talk big!” everyone keeps telling us. “Cease your infernal chit-chat! Your talk is disgustingly tiny. Stop your small talkings! Get to the big talks!"